Day 1
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Seen a KJ?

The convoy arrives at the intersection of Hwy 190 and the Saline Valley Rd.

Got Air?

Waiting in line - everyone airs down

Above Panamint Valley

The group stops to take in the view above Panamint Valley.


The sign reads:

Lippencott Road


Route ahead not maintained

Washouts and cut banks ahead

Route not reccommended for vehicle travel

Experienced drivers using 4x4 high clearance vehicles only


The group stops to pose by a washout

Wonder Dog

An alien drives this Wrangler down Lippencott.

Saline Valley

First view of Saline Valley


Lippencott is steep with numerous switchbacks


Did I say Lippencott was steep.

Tow Rig

But you can tow a trailer down it


DV GHOST cruises down Lippencott

End of the road

End of the road

The Group emerges from Lippencott onto the Saline Valley Road.

Bat Sign

The Bat Sign marks the final turnoff for the Springs