November '96
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Day 1 - November 8th

Bob & Andy hit the road from Santa Cruz at 6:30am

Ken, Syd & Darren leave San Jose around 8:30am

After an uneventful trip, apart from Ken & Darren having some fun at the Radio Shack in Bakersfield, we arrive at the Trail Canyon Campsite.

Andy & Bob get into camp around 4:30, Darren, Ken & Syd around 6:30, Susan gets in after 10pm.

Day 2 - November 9th

Breakfast - break camp, restroom break at Furnace Creek and off to Dante's View. It's Syd's first trip to DV, so we're doing a little sightseeing.

After Dante's View we head to Greenwater Valley. We try to find Furnace and some of the other ghost towns on the west side of the valley. It's obvious we're lost. Out comes the GPS and we match the 'breadcrumb trail' to the topo map and find where we are.

We set up camp in  Greenwater Valley. Darren & Ken head south to find some petroglyph's. However the Desert Protection Act has closed the 4x4 trails which lead to them. When the guy's try to return to camp, Darren's Pathfinder won't start, the security system is fried. Ken works out that only the starter is inhibited and tow starts the Nissan.

Back in camp we use the wire cage from a bottle of champagne (we got married three weeks earlier), to bypass the security system and Darren's back in business.

Day 3 - November 11th

Off to Hole in the Wall Canyon, followed by Marble Canyon.

We head out toward Cottonwood/Marble Canyon when Ken's hazard flashers come on. After Ken pulls the main fuse, everything's back to normal, except that the radio keeps asking for a code (always remember the code).

We take the Marble Canyon turning and do some exploring, then back to the camp site at the entrance to the wash.

Day 4 - November 11th

The return Journey, breakfast at Denny's in Ridgecrest, I-5 and home.