Desert Wild Flowers
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Eventually this page should document all the Wildflowers we've come across in Death Valley. But for the moment here are just a few:

Beaver1.jpg (36931 bytes)  Beavertail Cactus in Jawbone Canyon.

Beaver2.jpg (64328 bytes)

A couple of images from Chloride City (below)

Bush.jpg (28452 bytes)   Golden.jpg (16823 bytes)

Small flowers (white Mariposa Lilly) in Jawbone Canyon (below)

Lilly.jpg (26002 bytes)   Mariposa Lilly.jpg (20614 bytes)

Flowers found around Chloride Junction (below)

Poppy.jpg (18624 bytes)   Star.jpg (20828 bytes)

The Trumpets grow everywhere. These were just outside Inyokern.

Trumpet1.jpg (120925 bytes)

Big Yuccas at the end of Jawbone Canyon Rd.

Yucca1.jpg (93307 bytes)

Yucca2.jpg (18320 bytes)

flower1.jpg (321035 bytes)

flower2.jpg (720472 bytes)

flower3.jpg (609177 bytes)

Desert Gold.jpg (826381 bytes)