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I'd bought my first F150 (The green one) in late '94. Apart from a pair of Smittybuilt nerf bars the truck was in stock trim. This was to be it's first real trip off-road.

We left the Bay Area late afternoon and headed to the Econo Lodge in Ridgecrest. Here we'd meet up with Darren and Ken.

Fog on Tehachapi Pass - impressive, can't see more that 20 yards.

Lights of Inyokern and Ridgecrest from Hwy 140 - impressive.

Econo Lodge - small.

Breakfast - grease... but good.

Pinnacles - Mud more mud - turn around at road closed sign - back through the mud.

Washouts before and after Trona.

Head for the southern entrance to the Racetrack, however the road is posted as closed due to snow. So we head back and into the valley via Stovepipe wells. We head North and pay the park fees at Grapevine. We leave the park after Scotty's Castle and look for a camp site on BLM land.

Scotty's Castle, Ubehebe Crater, Racetrack - flooded

Friday - Titus Canyon - flat tire - Furnace Creek Ranch - Darren & Ken up Trail Canyon.

Saturday - play tourist - 20 Mule Team Canyon & Red Wagon, Dantes's View, Devils Golfcourse, Badwater, Artists Palette.

DV garage tells us about the Goodyear dealer in Pahrump, get there just before it closes and they have the right tire, thank you Darren for  getting us there on time. However just as we were leaving on this mercy mission, Darren backs his Pathfinder into the gas station sign. This was obviously a common occurrence as they'd protected the corners of the sign with 2" angle iron. Darren's spare tire carried takes most of the damage, but there's a noticeable bend in a quarter panel - Trail Canyon for the night.