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Feb '98
May '98
Jun '98
Jul '98
Nov '98

February - Dunes and Vibrations

Feb 20th

Bay area to Bakersfield.

Ridgecrest to Death Valley - Lazy day camp at cottonwood canyon site, Military choppers at airstrip, what's happening?

Feb 21

Death Valley Road to Eureka Dunes, Crankshaft Crossing, Crater. Loose brush guard

1st night camping on Cottonwood/Marble Canyon shoulder - loose brushguard (again)

Susan's Foglights fall off. Dent from propane cylinder in F150

Feb 22

Keane Wonder Mill


Salt Creek

Susan finds foglamp on airport Blvd

Too windy, monster dust devil - head to Bakersfield

May - Flowers & Fun

Friday May 1st: Ken, Darren, Andy, Susan, Gordon

Panamint Valley - Surprise Canyon - George Novak. Panamint Daisy

Meet the team at Cottonwood/Marble Canyon entrance

May 2nd: Keane Wonder Mill, Chloride City, Chloride Cliff - out via Nevada. Camp in Echo Canyon. Bats lots of bats. Flowers lots of flowers.

May 3rd: Greenwater Valley, Gordon's blowout, Gold Valley & Spring. Escort Gordon to Ridgecrest. Ken and Darren camp at lower Wildrose.

June - Flowers

4th - Down to Bakersfield.

5th - Bakersfield to Death Valley - Camp at Cottonwood/Marble Canyon

6th. Susan, Andy & Wendy. Breakfast, Stovepipe Wells for restock - Susan looses wallet. Chloride Cliff & City, flowers. Nuts completely missing from Brush Guard - completely. Beatty to the NAPA store. Susan goes to Stovepipe Wells but gets lost and instead of backtracking to the highway, tries going across a dirt road. Susan gets a flat. Susan and Wendy have to completely unload the Explorer to get the jack out. They've never changed a flat before, but they do it. Meanwhile I'm wondering where they've got to. More concern.......hit the road to try and find them. Meanwhile they head back to Beatty, get the tire store opened, get a new tire $150. After too long we meet on the main Hwy. Lots of hugs and kisses. Back to Stovepipe Wells, no wallet. Looks like rain (flash flood, nothanks), then a huge dust storm kick in... off to Ridgecrest and the Carriage Inn.

Sunday June 8th: Breakfast at Denny's. Take Inyokern/Red Rock road instead of Hwy 140. Take side trail to Burro Schmidt tunnel. Stop at water cistern by a mine, head back to road. Then take the Jawbone Canyon backroad to Lake Isabella. Too tired to make it all the way back. Stop at Hampton Inn in Bakersfield for the night.

July - Fireworks

2nd - Down to Bakersfield.

3rd - Bakersfield  to Death Valley. Up to the Charcoal Kilns, then on to the camp site at Mahogany Flat. What a view.

4th - Back down the road past the kilns and on towards Skidoo. Stopping at the Argenta mine in Wood Canyon (Cyanide), Aguereberry Camp, Eureka and Cashier mines, Aguereberry Point WOW!  to Skidoo and the huge mill. Hundreds of open mine tunnels. Back to the campground for fireworks in Beatty.

5th - Dirt Devil. 110 degrees, lots of experimental cars