Lookout City
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The following pictures were taken during Panamint Valley Days' 2004 Friday evening, "Sunset" run to Lookout City.

Leaving PVD Base Camp.

35 Jeeps (mostly) line up ready to go.

Headed to the Minietta Mine Rd.

On the Minietta Mine Rd.

Waterfall Zero - This is the bypass. Jesse May, Trail Boss, calls me up.

DV Ghost on the Fall bypass.

Susan's half way up in her KJ.

Almost there!

Made it.

The Summit of Lookout Mtn.

Sunset starts.

Anyone seen a Jeep?

Telescope Peak at Sunset.

DV RUBCN with a License to Chill.

Sun's setting on Panamint Valley

Waterfall Zero on the way down, in the dark.