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This is the What's New (and by inference What's Old) Page. It's a reverse chronological listing of when new items were added to www.ubehebe.com

NEW July 2006, Panamint Springs - installing wireless at PSR.

June 2006, Swanse Grade, Burgess Mine, Salt Tram, Cerro Gordo, Yellow Grade, Defense Mine, Minietta Cabin.

March 2006, Big Four Mine, Pleasant Canyon, Osborne Cabin.

Feb 2006, Chloride Cliff, Keane Wonder Mill, Echo Canyon Loop, Dante's View, Trail Canyon, Desolation Canyon.

December 2005, Goler Wash, Mengle Pass, Warm Springs, Minietta Cabin, Nadeau Road.

November 2005, Panamint Valley Days - Goler Wash, Defense Mine, Cronona Mine, Jail Canyon.

October 2005, 1st Unofficial www.Death-Valley.us run - Goler Wash & Echo Canyon

April 2005, Southpark & Pleasant Canyon Loop, Stovepipe Well, Harmon Borax Works, Eureka Mine & Cashier Mill, Darwin Falls.

March 2005, Chloride Cliff, Keane Wonder Mill, Warm Springs & Goler, Marble Canyon.

Feb 2005, Rhyolite, Chloride Cliff, Keane Wonder Mill, Warm Springs to Goler, Marble Canyon.

Nov 2004, Hunter Mountin, Ulida Flat, Hidden Valley, Lost Burro Mine, Teakettle Junction, Racetrack, Lippencott, Saline.

Nov 2004, Panamint Valley Days

Nov - Turkey Day

May 27-31, 2004 - lots.

  • Hwy 190
  • Lake Hill
  • Hunter Mountain
  • Lee Flat
  • Lee Mines
  • Lost Burro Mine
  • Teakettle Junction
  • The Racetrack, Grandstand & Rocks
  • Journigan's Mill


March 19-20, 2004 - Pictures & Wildflowers.

  • Zabriskie Point
  • 20 Mule Team Canyon
  • Dante's View
  • Mushroom Rock
  • Devil's Golf Course
  • Badwater
  • Natural Bridge
  • Artists Drive
  • Keane Wonder Mill
  • Salt Creek & Pupfish
  • Sand Dunes
  • Grotto Canyon
  • Mosaic Canyon
  • Aguereberry Camp
  • Eureka Mine
  • Cashier Mill
  • Aguereberry Point
  • Charcoal Kilns
  • Wildrose


Feb 2004 - Pictures from our Presidents Weekend trip.

  • Echo Canyon - inc Noth Fork
  • Inyo Mine
  • Natural Bridge
  • Desolation Canyon
  • Salt Pan

Dec 2003 - Pictures from our Thanksgiving Week trip.

  • Nadeau Road
  • Big Four Mine Rd & Lake Hill
  • Onyx Mine
  • Minnietta Cabin
  • New Badwater Boardwalk
  • Ballarat
  • Panamint Springs Turkey Day

May 2003 - Pictures from our Memorial Weekend trip.

  • Tucki Mine
  • Darwin
  • China Garden Spring

Feb 2003 - Pictures from our Presidents Weekend trip.

  • Warm Springs Canyon
  • Grantham, Pink Elephant & Gold Hill Mill mines
  • Butte Valley
  • Queen of Sheba Mine

Nov 2002 - Pictures from our Thanksgiving trip.

  • Lower Surprise Canyon
  • Jail Canyon

March 2002 - Pictures from our recent trip.

  • Panamint Stormy Weather
  • Rhyolite Ghost Town
  • Golden Canyon Hike

April 2001 - Pictures from Ashford Mill

Feb 2001 - Pictures from the "Sneak Preview" of Disney's new California Adventure.

December 2000 - Updated info on Marble Canyon.

May  2000 - Ubehebe.com has moved homes. We used to be hosted at an ISP, but now we're running from a Cobalt Qube 2 located on my desk.

April 2000 - back from a 4 day visit to Death Valley. New pages include trips to:

  • Greenwater Valley
  • Aguereberry Point
  • Skidoo
  • Eureka Mine
  • Cashier Mill

January 2000 - back from a 4 day visit to Death Valley. New pages include trips to:

September 1999 - back from a 5 day visit to Death Valley, followed by a 5 day trip to Disneyland.

May 1999 - just back from a whirlwind trip to Death Valley. Stayed in the Furnace Creek Inn - nice, but we ended up driving to Los Angeles to have a Paxton Supercharger fitted (by Paxton) to the F250!

March 1999 - We've just come back from a 4 day trip to Death Valley. New pages include trips to:

Older News:

The site has just undergone a major restructuring. The trails sections now mirrors the trail descriptions in the Bryan & Bryan guidebook.

Pages with little or no content have been 'mostly' removed.

We've added a chronological list of our visits to Death Valley, Scotty's Castle update, Ubehebe Crater and the Racetrack update. October '98 trip, North Fork of Echo Canyon, Titus Canyon and the Death Valley 49ers Encampment.

Additions to the above Echo Canyon trip by Ken & Darren.

New photos of the my lifted F250.